Christine Berry is a communicator, thinker and changemaker based in Manchester. She is also an experienced researcher and facilitator with a particular interest in participatory methods, radical pedagogy and storytelling as tools for mutual understanding and empowerment.

Christine’s recent work has focussed on how we can build a more democratic economy, and in particular on the need to democratise ownership. She has been described by the Guardian as “one of the central figures” in the new economics, and her work has also been covered by the Economist, the Financial Times and various other major newspapers. She is currently working part-time with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation alongside completing her first solo book, Owned, published by Verso Books. Other hats include Associate Fellow of IPPR North, Senior Fellow of the Finance Innovation Lab and Associate Fellow of Abundance.

Christine is co-author with Joe Guinan of ‘People Get Ready!‘, which was named as one of the Guardian’s top politics books of 2019. She writes regularly for publications including the Guardian, Independent and openDemocracy, as well as for journals such as Renewal and Political Quarterly. Previous roles include Principal Director of Policy and Government at the New Economics Foundation, Head of Policy and Research at responsible investment charity ShareAction, and researcher in the UK parliament (where she takes partial credit for Ian Hislop’s favourite FOI request). She has also served as a Trustee of the charities Rethinking Economics and the Finance Innovation Lab.

Christine is a practising Buddhist with a growing interest in the interface between the personal and the political, and in how we can create the conditions for both individual and collective healing and transformation. She lives with her husband and four-year-old son, and also enjoys singing, playing about with the piano, cello and concertina, and throwing herself into various bodies of water.