Christine Berry is an author and researcher based in Manchester who has been described as “one of the central figures” in the new left economics. Her work focuses on how we can build a new economic and political settlement to replace neoliberalism. She is co-author with Joe Guinan of ‘People Get Ready!‘, a book about preparing for the possibility of transformative change under a radical Labour government, which was named as one of the Guardian’s top politics books of 2019. She writes regularly for publications including the Independent, Guardian, Red Pepper, Tribune and openDemocracy. Her work has also been profiled in the Economist, Evening Standard and Financial Times.

Previously Christine was Principal Director of Policy and Government at the New Economics Foundation, where she specialised in banking reform. Before that she worked as Head of Policy and Research at ShareAction, where her work on institutional investors’ legal duties changed government and opposition policy, including by triggering a Law Commission review which confirmed that investors can and should take social and environmental issues into account. She’s also worked as a researcher in the UK parliament, where she takes partial credit for Ian Hislop’s favourite FOI request.